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My therapeutic focus is based in empathy, patience, and a desire to understand you and your space.  I offer an emotionally safe and affirming environment where you can freely be yourself as you are, where you find yourself in the moment.

Within a solid foundation of therapeutic approaches, I emphasize a relational style of psychotherapy.  Relational psychotherapy balances the study of interpersonal process with the study of structures or patterns of self-experience.  From the interpersonal process of the therapeutic interaction, relational psychotherapy aims to strengthen and transform a client’s
sense of self-understanding, which in turn empowers his/her wellbeing and voice in the world.

Through this perspective in therapy and relationship, I pay close attention to the
interpersonal impact of power differentials and social issues such as race, class, culture, gender, and sexual difference, working with these issues as they present themselves in the client’s life and in the therapeutic relationship. The principles of relational psychotherapy are drawn from self-psychology, intersubjectivity theory, relational psychoanalysis, psychodynamic
developmental theory, trauma theory, and feminist theories of psychotherapy.

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Confidentiality & Privacy
Confidentiality and Emergency Situations:
Our policies are designed to protect your right to privacy. Both your verbal communication and clinical records are kept strictly confidential.

NOTICE:  All of our electronic messages and corresponding documents are covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521, and all included information we address for the specified individual(s)only. All information is confidential and or restricted.

In an emergency situation for which immediate attention is necessary, you, the patient or guardian are to contact 9-1-1 or a Crisis Care Line (425-258-4357206-461-3222, or 800-223-8145).  As your therapist, Danielle H. Bradshaw, MA, LMHC, will follow-up any emergency services with counseling and support.